There is currently a pool of ‘concurrent‐use’ licenses for Bluebeam Revu (BB) covering staff machines (similar to Autodesk apps). Unlike the Autodesk apps though, Bluebeam does not release licenses when the app becomes idle or unused. The developer is working on a solution for this, but what it means for us is that, across the enterprise, inactive and poorly closed sessions of BB continue to hold licenses beyond actual use, sometimes for days on end.

To reduce frustrations around BB license availability, IT has implemented the following policy on all staff machines:

If BB is inactive, unused or idle for 30‐45 minutes or more, the app will be automatically closed and license released back to the pool
(NB: No unsaved work will be lost)

Check out the full policy document here. New policy effective as of 9/21/2017 and IT will be monitoring availability over the ensuing month(s) to gauge success.

Thanks‐in‐Advance for your understanding.