DO NOT USE Wi-Fi or VPN while Working in Revit!

Using Revit over a Wi-Fi and/or VPN connection can cause file/model corruption!

Fluctuations on these types of network connections may cause ‘local’ models to disconnect from/lose communication with the ‘central file/model’.

Loss in communication between ‘local’ and ‘central’ files can transmit bad or incomplete data, thus causing file/model corruption.


Each of the following scenarios may cause disconnects:

  1. Being simultaneously connected to both Wi-Fi and Ethernet may send data through either network connection.
  2. Moving from one Wi-Fi access point to another (e.g. floor-to-floor or desk to conference room).
  3. Disconnecting Laptop from the dock at your desk without first saving and closing out of the model.
  4. Poor network connections (Wi-Fi or VPN) experiencing intermittent drops in service.


To minimize unexpected or intermittent drops/disconnects:

  • Do not work on a Revit model while connected to Wi-Fi or when using VPN from outside the office.
  • Whether at your desk or in a conference room, use an Ethernet connection and physically disable (or turn-off) Wi-Fi.
  • If moving from one location to another, save and close out of the model, then re-open once you’ve re-established an Ethernet connection.
  • If working from outside the office, use a Cloud Box to access the model on the network.

Please feel free to contact the Design+Technology Team with any questions.